Variable Message Display

RiteView Mobile VMS Tower

-Alternative to VMS trailer

– Display 1050mm x 720mm

– Variable Messages / Languages / Multi-colour

– Solar Powered

– Remote message changes

– Rapid Deployment

– Roads / Parks / Events / Greenways etc

Note: Large VMS may also be mounted ‘permanently’ to a pole, (not mobile)

Digital LED Signage:

Applications: Bring Banks – No Dumping, Litter hot spots, Dog Foul Messaging.

Size: 500mm x 400mm Scrolling Digital Display + Static Sign 400mm x 400mm.

Variable Message: ‘No Dumping’, ‘Clean Up After Your Dog’, ‘Bag it / Bin it’ etc. English / Irish Message

Solar powered – mount to existing pole

Rapid Deployment

Extension poles or dedicated pole can be installed.