Following on from recent successful beta-trials RiteView Solutions are pleased to offer a number of new and innovative solutions for golf courses.



teetec01 teetec02

Our newest product was designed to enable golfers see down a blind fairway or around a dog leg. It can provide players visual certainty that the fairway is clear and safe to play
leaving no ambiguity around whether a bell has been rang or not.

Lucan Golf Club – 8th Tee Box: Fairway extends over the brow of a hill creating a blind hole.
‘RiteView’s TeeTec is a very professional solution that works better than anticipated’ – James Murphy, Manager, Lucan Golf Club.


audio01 audio02

Lucan Golf Club – 7th Hole
The 7th hole crosses a quite public road. One player from each group must stand at the road to give the ‘all-clear’ for other players to tee-off. The RiteView Audio was developed to support compliance to this request, particularly with visitors and those not familiar with the hole.
The RiteView Audio plays a message when there is a presence on the tee box. The audio is silenced by holding a button at the viewing point on the road.


Footfall analysis hour by hour over a weekly time period to include group sizes and gender.
Behavioural analysis to understand compliance to rules of course and competition.