Environmental CCTV Monitoring – ‘The workhorse of environmental enforcement’

Illegal dumping and fly tipping are significant challenges for both rural and urban areas. Commercial CCTV systems designed for security applications are often not suitable for the requirements of environmental monitoring and enforcement. RiteView Solutions Ltd has developed effective environmental CCTV monitoring solutions for areas such as…
  • Recycling Bring Bank Centres
  • Roadside
  • Bogs / Forest / Remote Areas
  • Hostile / Problematic areas
  • Derelict buildings

Our innovative solutions address common challenges facing environmental enforcement and monitoring such as:

  • Remote areas where no mains power is available
  • Licence plate recognition
  • Effective day and night time solutions
  • Overt and covert solutions
  • Wireless solutions
  • Vandalism in hostile / problematic areas
  • Mains powered solutions for long-term deployments

Riteview Solutions Ltd takes pride in developing and delivering innovative and cost effective solutions for challenging situations and has significant experience in this area.

Preventative Solutions – ‘Saving time, money and avoiding prosecution of accidental dumpers’

Programmable Audio Device: Reduce illegal dumping in hot-spots by 80%!!!
RiteView Solutions Ltd has developed a Programmable Audio Device which has been used as a preventative solution to illegal dumping in hot-spots such as Recycling Bring Banks. The device plays a programmable message when a user comes into range. This overt solution has been proven to significantly change behaviours. Its ease of installation (no mains power required) enables it to be rotated across multiple locations relatively easily.


  • Battery powered
  • Ease of installation
  • Volume adjustment
  • Timer function for on/off
  • Smart Triggering
  • Low power consumption
  • Customisable message
  • Remote SMS monitoring

The Programmable audio device has been found to reduce illegal dumping incidents by over 80% in both urban and rural bring centres. It has also been used to reduce incidents of dog fouling litter by over 80%. Two Programmable Audio Devices could be rotated to cover all illegal dumping hot-spots in a local authority area over one year. They could also be complimented with temporary live / dummy CCTV.
RiteView Solutions can provide complete turn-key solutions for monitoring, maintenance and cleansing programmes for your Recycling Bring Banks.
Boundary Active Infra Red Beams can also be incorporated into the solution or on standalone sites to protect the perimeter around an area of interest. Any breach of the perimeter can trigger a response such as alarm, text alert, programmable audio device, CCTV or manned presence etc. This is a failsafe solution suitable for large areas. The beams themselves are robust and easily installed and give you the peace of mind that your site is reliably monitored 24/7.

Aerial Imaging – ‘Because satellite imagery is limited due to Ireland’s cloud cover’

RiteView Solutions Ltd has developed an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solution for capturing aerial video and images. Applications for this solution include…

  • Aerial view of algae bloom on lakes
  • Visible pollution on lakes / rivers / sea
  • Aerial images of difficult or dangerous areas
  • Gathering evidence of activity without entering property